Brand identity proposal for accessories company

Saki’n was a branding project for a Turkish rakı culture related products company. Their goal was to produce unique accessories, giftable objects etc. for young and urban rakı enthusiasts. Raki or rakı is a sweetened, often anise-flavoured, alcoholic drink that is popular in Albania, Turkic countries, Turkey, the Greek Islands and in the Balkan countries as an apéritif. It is often served with seafood or meze. In Turkey, ‘rakı’ is the national drink and is traditionally consumed with chilled water on the side or partly mixed with chilled water, according to personal preference. Rakı is rarely consumed without the addition of water. Ice cubes are often added. Dilution with water causes rakı to turn a milky-white colour, similar to the louche of absinthe. (via Wikipedia)

Date: May 2017 | Client: Confidential
Creative direction and design by Orgut Cayli

All products and applications shown here were draftly 
designed to reflect the look and feel of the brand

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