Branding for online gaming performance center

FDR (Fitaş Digital Republic) has started as the single largest cinema investment in Middle East in 1965 by the first generation of the Akdemir family. In 1980, the second generation built the first film studios in Turkey. In 1990, the third generation founded AFM Cinemas to rejuvenate the quality cinema experience and became the largest publicly traded entertainment company with 305 cinemas in Turkey in 2004. After Akdemir family exited in 2008, digital investment became the main focus of the family including ILS Vision, YouTube Multi-Channel Network with 36M daily video views. FDR decided to partner with Kinguin, BattleNet, EPC and ILS Vision to create FDR in 2019 to rejuvenate digital entertainment as they did in the cinema industry. FDR recently raised financing at $20M valuation from 14 angel investors and strategic partners. 

Visit fdroyun.com for more information. 

Date: June 2019 | Client: Sifisan Entertainment Investments
Agency: Storm
Creative direction and design by Orgut Cayli

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